A downloadable game for Windows

Troncraft is a super simple Minecraft clone with basic Tron style graphics. Built as a prototype for object interaction and 3D FPS movement practice I decided to release it as a fun side thing. It's not optimized and can be very buggy. Enjoy.


Mouse to look.

WASD to move. Space to jump.

Right click to remove blocks. Left click to place blocks.

1-7 to choose a block color 0 to empty your hands.

Known issues:

I don't know how many blocks you can place, but each one does take up memory. Too many and it'll lag and then crash. Be careful.

The base block can be destroyed. If you have no blocks to connect new blocks to you cannot build. If you have 0 blocks restart the game.


V1.1: Changed viewing angle locks from 60 to 90 degrees.

Install instructions

Download the zip. Unzip and run the EXE.


TronCraft v1.1 44 MB


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Interesting, but not being able to look straight down is unpleasant


The original mouselook script locked viewing to 60 degree angles, but it can be changed in the code. I'll have to take a look at it. Thanks for the feedback!