MiniLD #67 Classic Mashmix entry combining elements from Pacman, Snake, and Asteroids to create an easy, but interesting experience.

The game plays exactly like Pacman with the goal being to eat all the dots on the screen.

Some rules:

* Eat Dots

*Avoid Ghosts

*Don't run into your own tail

*Hitting walls is okay

*Grab a power pill and you can:

*Move over your own tail

*Eat ghosts

Eating ghosts while on power pills will make them split into four ghosts Asteroids style, but instead of floating off they will rush back to "Home". After some time or if four minis make it back home the ghosts will respawn. You can eat the mini ghosts even if you're not powered up.

Although it doesn't showcase the best of the games it incorporates it was a great learning experience for simple AI, A*(A Star) pathing systems, and just general Unity2D coding practice.


WASD or Arrow keys to move.

Space to start game

X to reset scores. (Deletes local score)

Note: I'm still getting used to exporting as WebGL. If it's too big for your screen or doesn't fit the browser please download the standalone which works MUCH better.

Credits: This is all done by me, but does use the wonderful A* Pathfinding project (free version) by Aron Granberg:


Pakemasteroids_Win 43 MB


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An interesting combination!

This was much more interesting than I anticipated!