A downloadable tool for Windows

Originally created to add Mod tracker support for LOVEDOS (https://github.com/rxi/lovedos) at this time the system can read .MOD files and output the information to the screen as text... and that's about it.

Things that need to be added:
A custom sound mixer.
A way to push the music to the audio stream (SB or whatever card you're emulating)
Timing (for the song to play at the correct speed)

Note this program was written by someone who has never written a C program before so bugs and errors are very much likely. Mostly up here for learning purposes.

Install instructions

Download, Unzip, run A.EXE in dosbox or DOS

Type the name of a .mod file when prompted.

Watch the fireworks?


Mod Reader Prototype (DOS or DOSBOX) 145 kB

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