A downloadable game for macOS, Linux, and Android

My entry for the Ludum Dare #44 Compo

Theme: Your life is currency.

I used the theme to dream up a dystopian future where you sell years of your life for cash, but your rent is due and you don't have enough life left so you have to improvise.

Not so much a game as just a practice demo the point here was to practice more with LUA as a coding language and LUADOS as a platform for different kinds of games.


Arrows to move.

Space to interact.

This does require DOS or DOSBOX to run so it can run on any system that has DOSBOX installed.

Install instructions

Get DOSBOX if you don't have it already.

Download and unzip wherever you put your DOS games for DOSBOX.

Mount per instructions.

Run the EXE.


LYFE + Source 306 kB

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