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You were nobody. Another grunt doing what you were ordered to do.

They asked for volunteers to test their new toys; the Gates.

There were stories, there are always stories, but hazard pay and extra leave was worth the risk.

You went in, a crackling sound, a bright green light...

They say you killed four scientists and two of your fellow Marines before they brought you down.

Somehow, they kept your blood from boiling long enough for you to slip into a coma.

Time passed...

You're not certain what brought you back; the hunger or the screams.

They've come for you; the one that got away...


Use your latest copy of GZDOOM to run the game with DOOM2.WAD.

I have not tested this in other ports.

It will NOT run in Vanilla DOOM.

I've included a modded SMOOTHDOOM.WAD which removes the pistol as a starting weapon.

You can use the regular SMOOTHDOOM.WAD if you wish, but the player is supposed to not have a pistol at the beginning of the game/level restart.

Current Build Progress:

M1 - Afterward

M2 - Emergency Exit

M3 - (WIP) Something Wicked

I'm going for a classic DOOM feel in DOOMII's engine.

The levels are supposed to be difficult with minimum ammo/health pickups with secrets not being necessary, but very helpful in the long run.

I tried to avoid leaning on "Slaughter Map" design to make the game hard. I want the player to always be on the edge about ammo, health, and armor without feeling like it's frustrating or impossible to play. I am, at best, an average DOOM player and most veterans will probably find these maps to be less difficult than what they're used to, but for novice or casuals, like myself, I wanted to make the game hard, but fun.

Please feel free to leave any feedback you have about the level design or any questions/comments about the gameplay.



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