With all the games having Zombies added to them I asked myself what would be a really BAD game to add zombies to? And the answer was Chess!

Made for #LDJAM40 for the 48hr challenge where the theme was:

"The more you have the worse it is."

This is a simple chess board with some special rules:

When a player kills a zombie it leaves the board.

When a zombie kills a player the zombie side gets that piece as a new zombie piece.

4 Rooks, 3 Bishops, and two queens? Why not?!

Due to the simplicity of the game no chess rules were implemented only turn rules, capture rules, and king rules. Pawn promotion (get a pawn to the other side of the board) is in place, but you only get a Queen. So you're expected to know how to play chess and move the pieces accordingly. This doesn't hold hands. :)

Known bugs:

If you move a player piece on top of another piece of the same side it creates a massive movement bug.

Board does not reset on game end. You have to reset the cart entirely (Enter then select reset) to get a new board.

Down on the keyboard does not produce a movement sound.


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