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Submission to #LDJam 72 Hr Jam.

Theme: You Are The Monster

The Splurge! is a side scrolling platform game where you take control of Splurge, a gelatinous green blob with the need to devour the scientists who have made his life miserable up until now. Duck guards and dodge Quarantine specialists while you terrorize the scientists in each level.

Controls: WASD/Arrow keys to move. Space to jump. LCTRL + Space to jump higher. Up/Down to enter/exit vents and grates and move between floors or hide as needed.

Known bugs:

Quarantine specialists sometimes lose sight of where you were and just run into the nearest wall. It's an advantage!

Exiting vents or dropping through floor vents will sometimes cause you to exit the playable area. Restart to fix.

When entering a grate to hide you may end up on top of the collider on the other side. Exit the vent as normal. Jumping off will make you leave the play area.

Install instructions

Download the Zip. Unzip with whatever program you use for that sort of thing. Run "Splurge.exe".

Note: GUI is not set to stretch with screen so increasing/decreasing the game size can have adverse affects on visualization.


Windows/Mac - Splurge.zip 21 MB