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CyberJack is my first completed game (ever) as well as my entry into the #cyberpunkJam here on Itch.io (itch.io/jam/cyberpunkjam).

Everything was "hand crafted" using freely available tools. There are some bugs and graphical issues here and there, but overall I feel it was a good success and I learned a ton over the course of just a few days.


Push UP or click the middle bottom Folder/Envelope to start the timer. 

Select adjacent icons with the mouse or arrow keys (buggy, use the mouse).

Open selected folders with SPACE or RMB (use SPACE, RMB causes Unity WP to go weird)

Press D to activate the Decryptron and decrypt folders or mail. It takes 3 seconds, but offers bonus cash.

Avoid Infected files/mail unless you want the key (it may be in one).

Unlocked files offer bigger bonus.

Press S to disconnect from the server before the time limit ends or you lose all your earnings. Disconnecting lets you keep your money and go around again with a new set of files.

v4.1 Changes:

Made it so players cannot disconnect after Game Over event.

Updated game page to be a Unity playable upload for better access and more views. XD

v4.0 Changes:

Added envelopes for a little variety in play. Envelopes are the same except they offer fewer rewards (and penalties) when opened.

Added Mac and Linux ports. Untested so may be super buggy. No clue. Oh, mystery!

Left v3.0 online for those who don't like variety. - PC only.

v3.0 Changes:

Adding dollar signs popping out for both SPACE and RIGHT CLICK. Now you don't have to choose!

Removed the ugly mouse cursor and replaced it with a prettier one (IE: a correctly formatted one)

v2.0 Changes:

Made it to where you can only click ADJACENT files to currently selected ones to increase difficulty.

Rewrote some of the instructions to be clearer on controls.

Added $ popping out of the folders to indicate you're doing something.

Fixed a bug where the score was not resetting at GameOver

Thanks to Yargnit, Jasonlii, and the_Lolbster for bug feedback.

Known bugs:

Keyboard movement is possible using arrow keys, but down/right are VERY buggy. Suggest using the mouse to click the folder and Space to open.

GUI doesn't resize properly when played in fullscreen. Not that you'd want to, but it is a bug.

The music is terrible. It's a looping ~20 second clip and it can probably get annoying very quickly. Mute your speakers if it's too bad (as there's no internal mute).

More information

Published3 years ago
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Unity
Tags2D, Cyberpunk, hack, hacker, jam, minigame, pixels, unity

Install instructions

Download the ZIP

Scan with your favorite virus scanner (Safety first!)

Open CyberJack.exe


CyberJack v3.0 (10 MB)
Cyber Jack v4.0 - Mac (18 MB)
CyberJack v4.0 - Linux (20 MB)
CyberJack v4.0 - PC (10 MB)