CyberJack is my first completed game (ever) as well as my entry into the #cyberpunkJam here on (

Everything was "hand crafted" using freely available tools. There are some bugs and graphical issues here and there, but overall I feel it was a good success and I learned a ton over the course of just a few days.

Update: Cyberjack V5 was a remake of the original game idea using Pico-8. Although not the game I submitted to the cyberpunkjam, I tried to stay true to the original design. As time has gone on the original game has become unplayable and this is the best way I can find to keep my first ever game AND jam entry alive.


Press Z to start or X to view instructions and High Score. Press Z to go back to main menu.

Once in game press X to connect/disconnect. (Costs 800c)
Use arrow keys to select what you want to access. Press Z to access.
Try to build up as much money as you can without the time running out.

Avoid green folders or you lose cash.
A key can be found once per connect and is random. (May be in green folders).