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Created for #LowRezJam

Using a maximum visual scope of 32x32 pixels gamedevs were challenged to make a game with low rez graphics. I chose to mimic a classic side-scrolling monster shooter: "Dangerous Dave and the Haunted Mansion". Though with less features, no score, no extra lives, and only one level I feel I captured the spirit of the original game as well as the Jam itself.


Menu: N for New, H for How, C for Credits, Esc to return to Main

WASD to Move

Space to Jump and Climb

L-CTRL to Shoot

E to Open Final Door (there are two doors, one is a fake)


Driving down an old dirt road Andy Blast is set upon by zombies. After crashing his truck and hiking through the nearby woods he comes across an old mansion. Finding the door locked and with the undead hot on his heals he climbs to the roof and finds an opened window. Inside he discovers an old shotgun and a lot of trouble as The Forces of Evil converge on his position.

The only way out is through.