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This is a very early release demo for Andy Blast Vs the Forces of Evil. Please feel free to download it, play it, and let me know what you think. All feedback regarding bugs, design changes, and general gameplay would be extremely helpful.

Update: Fixed a first round of bugs including incorrect keyboard controls and poor mouse controls. In addition added some better menu clearing when moving between scenes.

Note: Game only works with Xbox 360 controllers at this time. All other controllers may have button/axis issues.


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I enjoyed the level despite being very difficult. I had to quit then come back a bit later. I was able to play with an Xbox 360 controller fine. The default button layout was a little odd. I think you should be able to take one hit without dying but maybe move or reload the shotgun slower. Will you always have infinite ammo? I was thinking the ammo should be in the closets instead of diamonds etc for points. Also how do you dodge the bone that the skelton throws at you? I wasnt' able to time my jump to jump over it and I couldn't find a duck or low-crawl option. Lastly, jumping across the holes was the most aggravating part of the game. The character seemed to want to stick to the edges of holes or the top of stairs. 

PS: I think some kind of double-jump power up could be fun. Maybe have that in closets?

The game mimics an older game which had lives, but a one hit death counter. The idea was more about skill and repeating than powering through it. I'll either need to add in lives or add in more hits to balance. As for the bone and the double jump the answer for that is the same: The blast from the shotgun acts as a "push" when you're in the air. So aim down, jump, then shoot. You'll have enough force to get over the bone as well as make it over some of the platform issues.